Mechanical Modeling and Simulation  for the Virtual Reality
Collisions, contact and friction.

Joint Project
Siames Irisa/Inria de Rennes
BIPOP Inria Rhône-Alpes



In virtual reality, one major issue is the representation of real phenomena and the fine control of the model behind this. We believe that such models must rely on a deep understanding of the physical  phenomena, that we want to model. The needs for the various applications will possibly lead us t o simplify these models in order to achieve specific goals of real time applications.  This is crucial in the field of dynamical simulations. Such simulations are made necessary to carry out the interaction n between objects and although to carry out the interaction between the human being and the objects by some haptic interfaces

 In this subject, we propose to study the processing chain of the interactions in a scene. This chain  consists in two main points:
 The first part of this chain is already partially carried out by effective detection algorithms which are already integrated within the OpenMASK Platform of the SIAMES project. The second part constitutes the core of the collaboration between the project SIAMES and the project BIPOP. The main aim of the work is to bridge the gap between the know-how of project BIPOP on the Non-Smooth Mechanics and particularly on the following subjects:
 and the know-how of project SIAMES on the following subjects:

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