Funding sources for postdoctoral research and PhDs

Potential candidates desiring to work on the topic of nonlinear waves are encouraged to contact me in advance, in the beginning of February. Candidates with background in applied mathematics (dynamical systems, PDE), mechanics or physics (in particular vibration theory, wave theory, continuum mechanics, contact mechanics, physics of granular media) are welcome.

    Past and current Inria fellowships :

  • Jose-Eduardo Morales (BSc Instituto Politécnico Nacional Mexico, MSc Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
    PhD fellowship CORDI-S, Nov. 2013 - Oct 2016.
    Advisors: G. James and A.Tonnelier.
    Thesis : Localized waves in discrete excitable mechanical systems.

  • Kirill Vorotnikov (PhD Technion IIT)
    Postdoctoral fellowship, January 2017 - May 2018.
    Advisors: G. James and B. Brogliato.
    Project : analysis and simulation of waves and impacts in granular media.